It’s important to follow these instructions (or watch the tutorial video below) before you join the Zoom meeting.  You can even go and do it now before the parties start so that you’re already ready.

1.  After buying a ticket or pass, you’ll receive an email with your unique two word username (like “pink elephant” or similar.  This is your unique “ticket” that gets you into the Zoom party.

2.  Before launching Zoom, go into your personal settings and change your first name to the two word username we sent you.  Leave the last name blank. This will be the name you’re seen by in the Zoom waiting room and in the party.

3. Don’t change this unique and anonymous username until the weekend is over or you’re done visiting any of the Hard Labor events – the only way we can confirm your ticket purchase is by matching your username in Zoom with the unique username you’ve been sent.

4. When you enter the Zoom party (and each time you leave and come back), you’ll be held in our virtual party lobby (a Zoom waiting room).  Our moderators will look for your unique username to confirm you have bought a ticket or pass good for the party.  Once this is confirmed, we’ll open the door and drop you into the Zoom party with everyone else!   Please give us 1 -5 minutes to locate your username and ticket and admit you.